Troubleshoting Overview

Throughout the history of MKW Hack Pack, users have experienced many problems dealing with the installing of MKW Hack Pack and times when they had problems in-game with the pack. This section aims to have some of those things fixed. Keep in mind that somethings addressed on this page may not necessarily guarantee success on your end, so sorry for any inconvenience that may cause.

Suggested Troubleshooting Problems and Solutions

Disclaimer: Before I start talking about some of the problems and solutions for MKW Hack Pack, I want to mention this. A lot of the problems that people experience on MKW Hack Pack involve something that has corrupted from within the pack. For example, the following things have been reported:

  1. When a track is selected on offline Grand Prix, Solo Time Trials, VS, or online, the Wii blackscreens, and there are no other modifications on like characters.
  2. When someone finishes a lap, or just races normally, the Wii freezes.
  3. After installing MKW Hack Pack as outlined on the install page perfectly, the game loads regular (vanilla) MKW instead.

If any of these problems describes your situation, unfortunately, there isn't a whole lot that Huili can personally do to fix these things. However, there are some things you can do:

  1. Reformat your sd card, making sure you keep backups of any files you want to keep like ctgpr ghosts, and save games.
  2. Test the MKW Hack Pack on another sd card or USB drive.